IMG_8665IMG_8614IMG_8653 IMG_8643A morning with fog is a gift. Except I never check the weather when I go to bed, so I never know if the conditions are auspicious. I just wake up and sometimes it is there. Or, in this case, my beloved husband came in and rattled me out of bed with the weather report. Grab the jeans, put on the boots, pray the coffee is ready, and try to remember all the parts for the camera and the right lenses. Run out the door.

Willie Moore’s Place is a little old house on the neighboring farmer’s place. I’ve mentioned this. It is my favorite place to go take photos. It always presents a little differently than the previous time because the decay marches on and the weather is always slightly different and the sun is always in a different position. The last time I rolled out in the fog of a winter morning, it had cleared by the time I got over to Willie’s. This time it was thick and heavy and waited for me. Note in the bottom photo the owl that I got going away from me. I love that. I actually watched the owl fly away and back around and noted the out building that he sought shelter in. I tried to sneak up on him later, which was sort of hilarious. Suffice to say, you might know where the owl is hiding, but that doesn’t mean it won’t scare the crap out of you when you go looking for it. You can quote me on that. I got one excellent photo of the owl’s rear end as he lit out for good. And there are a few that show my total alarm as he flew within a few feet of my head. But you have to try.

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