Red Seat ChairWindmillShack Roof LineAermotor BlueI enjoy taking photos of chairs. Chairs can be fascinating because they are like people, somehow. I won’t get into that theory. However, I was discussing this while editing this photo with my sister in law, Val. And, we both agreed that the chair was also fascinating because it was the only thing in the entire abandoned farm house that actually gave a hint of what the decor might have looked like on the day that the home was brand new. A shiny red seat. It is the hint. Then you can imagine the table, and the other chairs, and the plates and the music on the radio and you might even conjure up a few people wandering around. It is like seeing a black and white movie transformed to color.

I go into this place when I can because I know it will eventually fall in on itself, though hopefully not me. And, I never get tired of taking these similar photos. The light is always slightly different. The repose of the objects just slightly altered. Time marches on. I enjoy that thoroughly.

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