IMG_5157IMG_5178IMG_5253 IMG_5248 IMG_5242 IMG_5202IMG_5301I would be a fool if I commented on the heat. Of course it is hot. It is July in North Texas. But it was a week that can only shine in a temperature range most find completely inhospitable. Five minutes outdoors renders one unfit for polite company. Fortunately, I don’t often traffic with polite company. The sunflowers are putting on a show and the bees of every stripe are celebrating. Everything is extreme. The beauty is extreme. The relief and stunning elegance found in the glowing pinks and golds of the sky for the hour after the sun goes down are extreme. The joy of the children at the relative coolness of the water in the pond, filled with snakes and beavers though it is, is profound. Even most of the biting bugs that can ruin an otherwise sublime moment have given up and gone elsewhere, I suppose. It is funny to know that the very most beautiful part of the day will start at 7 p.m. when the heat relents, and will be so fleeting. I count down to the moment it begins. The morning is lovely if you awaken early enough, but it carries with it a promise of the heat to come. The evening is all about sliding into a cooler bliss. Dinner gets put off til after 9, simply because you don’t want to squander one moment of the golden hour as it slides into the blue. Then there are the stars. Don’t get me going on the stars.

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