Well, I don’t know much about lizards. At all.

But, I think this is a collared lizard, and I think it is a female who probably just recently emerged from hibernation due to the lack of bright colors she displays. Regardless, I walked right up on her while she was sunning. I was looking for blooms and much like the rather large rattlesnake I happened upon a few weeks ago, she was just minding her own business til I came stomping along, thankfully with my camera…and my brother, and my children and my niece. And she held, just like this until we all had ample gawking time. Then she lit out on her hind legs and ran like an Olympian. It was fantastic.

If you know anything about this lizard, feel free to comment below. All I am sure of is that it is another reason to love Clay County, Texas. The snakes and ticks aren’t my favorite things, but the lizards and wildflowers and sunsets and fish amply make up for those.

IMG_2754-4Click on the image to view in a larger format.

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