IMG_9463-7Fog in the morning in Clay County means that I need to get dressed quickly and run out the door with whatever gear and clothing I can and race down the hill to the pond to see this show put on by the spiders. I don’t love spiders. I’m mostly quite frightened of them. This is how I’m learning to love them, though. When the sun comes up on a dew filled morning, this happens. I have approximately thirty minutes to tromp around and find these webs, which are everywhere. They are shockingly, horrifyingly, pervasive. And yet, in dry conditions, on a normal day, I will never see them. I will hike right through them. I will unwittingly destroy them, hundreds of them in an hour, I’m sure. I never even consider it, except when I feel the sticky web material attached to me and my childish fears kick in.
IMG_9481-13And then the dew settles on the webs. If I look west, again, nothing is there. But when I look to the east, right into the sun, the field is set ablaze with the billions upon billions of tiny spheres of water suspended and magnifying the sunlight coming over the hill. It is intoxicating.

I never expect a morning like this. These mornings sneak up on me and I’m most likely to miss them. I like sleeping in on weekends. But in the country, all of the amazing things happen at appalling hours, for a weekend. I was so engrossed with the webs that I almost missed an enormous flock of pelicans flying over my head.
The incredible racket they made awakened me finally and I looked up to barely catch a few photos. The huge birds carried on. A pair of does raced over the hill in the blazing sun. It was all so dream like. But it was really just a morning that I was gifted with. It was a gift I got up early enough to open and enjoy. A gift I leave sitting right outside far too often.
IMG_9494-19 IMG_9496-20

So at least for this morning, thank you to the spiders. Thank you to each and every one of the many species and the millions of individuals that put on this show for me. Thank you for the webs that catch the dew and thank you for eating the bugs. I can’t promise that I won’t be frightened. But I appreciate.
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