IMG_8417-1I really had no idea that sunflowers look like this. That is the funny thing about a macro lens. I didn’t even know that it looked like this when I was taking the photo and looking through the lens, because the sun was in my eyes and I was just praying the flower would stop swaying in the breeze for a second.

Click on the photo and look at the big version. Look at the pollen and look at the crazy star patterns on the interior of the flower. I’m going to go back and take more photos of the same thing this weekend, different specimens of the same flower and each one will look totally different, I’m sure. Different views and moods of the same wonder. The common sunflower, it is called. I think it is not so common, at all.

Common Sunflower Full


  1. Dottie Murphy Morrison

    Wow this is really beautiful. I love Sunflowers.

  2. i LOVE all ur talents & ur words!