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I love rusty things. Old metal lawn chairs and old pick up trucks charm me with their age. The more layers of paint that are peeling the better. I love the idea of someone taking an item and reforming to their own needs with a coat of paint. Yet these things would never be as pretty in aging if anyone had done it “right” the first time and stripped the paint before starting anew. How sad it would be if everyone removed wallpaper before covering the wall again or if everyone was good enough to fully strip and repaint old trucks. Then we wouldn’t have all of the layers to enjoy in the wall or truck’s dotage.

These images are of rusted old trucks that a friend is doing up right. He is renovating them and bringing them back to their youthful looks. They are, each of them, going to be spectacular renovations the results of which will be beyond my price range, but are now still humble rusting baskets of great potential. And I got to snap a few photos while they were still rusty and in various states of stripping and sanding…before being reborn as finished, vintage, collectors’ dreams.

I think I’ll have to print some of these as a series. It is an odd choice. Usually I know exactly what I want to print. But these were taken with my iPhone, actually, and I applied effects with an app that I love. Usually I keep those small when I print them, not pushing the boundaries of the technology. But these…well, let’s just say I love rust. And, I think they look more like abstract paintings than photos of trucks. I need to see them on paper out of the confines of my digital world, and large.

Many thanks to Jason Wonder of Henrietta, Texas who allowed me to poke around in his shop and take photos while he and my husband were talking about old motorcycles.

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  1. Love you and your beautiful eye on life. Hope all is well with you and your precious family. You are so precious!! Love your beautiful spirit. Always have 🙂

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