Clay County SunsetThis is my place, my state, my grass, my sunset. This is where I want to be right now. Drive down the road and you rarely see another car. The only hint of the outside world is the sound of a distant train blasting its horn, but that only happens every once in awhile. I’ve been aching to see sunsets like this again. And this is followed by stars so thick and bright that it is beyond imagination. They refer to a blanket of stars for a reason. When they are so dense and bright on the darkness, you feel like they are pressing down on you, like a blanket. This is something the city cannot provide for you and it hides it so you don’t know it is there. When you know it is there all you want to do is drive away, out to the country.

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  1. Just lovely Kelly. I drove through on I – 287 this morning (got the car!) and wondered where your peaceful place is located. Colorado misses the Yandells!

    • You probably passed withing 30 miles of us! Next time you will have to bring the kiddos and the man and stick around for awhile!