photo of Camelback MountainI’m not often successful at photographing sunsets. The photos never quite express the grandeur of the reality of the moment. But I like this one. And this is exactly what the sunset looked like from the backyard in Arizona. I took this standing on a concrete wall to try to get up out of the scenery that was clouding my shot. I stood not 10 feet from the spot where Pitts and I were married years ago and I always love taking in this view. When the sun goes down behind the mountain, the color changes moment to moment. The top one was shot about three minutes before the lower one. I played with the color only minimally in post processing. But, I was surprised at how different the colors are. As the colors change in front of your eyes it seems so gradual until, in a flash, the light is gone. But seen side by side, it is stark to me. Anyway, I always love a nice sunset and enjoy actually grabbing one for keeps from this spot that I so love.

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