IMG_5132play2This photo was taken in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. It was nice in color, too. But the black and white gives it a stark coldness that I enjoy.

Funny thing, people say something is all “black and white” as though that means that that is the end of the conversation. One thing I’ve learned since getting addicted to making photographs is that there are as many shades of black and white as there are colors in the universe. Reds and greens and blues permeate a black and white photo and the merest shift in the balance changes the tone of the photo completely. Nuances. Subtleties. Perspectives. Relativity. I must have changed this photo a hundred times before I was happy with it.

So the next time you hear someone argue that something is completely “black and white” you can feel confident that they likely have no idea on the topic at hand or on the topic of black and white. Is anything truly “black and white” in this world? I suppose a scientist could argue that there is, in fact, a true white and a true black…a true absence of color…and a true saturation. But, I bet I’ve never seen it. I’m sure I’ve thought that I have. I bet I was wrong.

But I do like this (for the sake of simplicity) black and white photo.

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