copy-banner.jpgI wouldn’t trade my life now for anything. But, last week I had the opportunity to wander around Austin, Texas for a bit on my own and I visited some of my favorite haunts, from the outside, and at sunrise. I’m not saying that I never saw them at sunrise before, but not from this side of the sunrise.

This old bus sits in front of The Broken Spoke, one of the truly iconic dance halls in Texas. It is a place where I spent many an evening with good friends, drinking beer, listening to music and dancing. I have often said that they had no business putting a law school in Austin, Texas. There are far too many wonderful distractions. I chose the distractions over studying often.

But it was nice to go reminisce without trying to recreate. I liked watching the ghosts in the parking lot as the sun came up. Later that night I was quite happy to return to my hotel room for a longer night of sleep instead of going to try to catch the show. But, not only was my dance partner tucking in my children in Dallas so that I could steal a few days away, but I have found that I have been quite content to leave my 25 year old self where she is…dancing at the Broken Spoke. She did just fine. And, she is a happy memory. I am someone else now. The photographs and a moment at sunrise satisfied me as to the greatness of her life at the time. But her older self is now a mother, a wife and a million other new things. Sometimes I miss her, though I feel no need to be her now. But, I do smile when I think about her.


For a more extensive post of what I was doing in Austin, come visit Pie to learn about the Foodways Texas Symposium.

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